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Leaders in Sustainable Industrial Parks

The South Okanagan’s Premier Business Park

A 135-acre environmentally sustainable light industrial park, Senkulmen Business Park provides a balance of contemporary environmental standards while supporting progressive business development. There are many benefits to leasing warehouse space, lots or commercial space at Senkulmen.

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Business Park Advantage

The Okanagan is a high-demand location with many industries choosing to relocate or startup a new venture in this area. learn more

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Master Plan & Phases

Explore the maps and plans to view available lots, accessibility, and the locations suitable for your business. learn more

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Business Park Services

The Senkulmen fully-serviced business park with build-to-suit developments and an established support infrasturcture is the ideal solution to a cost-effective… learn more

With a strong focus on generating business growth, Senkulmen provides ease of access, flexbile design guidelines, shovel-ready sites, and no red tape.


The Senkulmen Advantage

There are many benefits to leasing warehouse space, leasing lots or renting commercial space at Senkulmen; take a look through the following questions to determine if Senkulmen meets your requirements.

  • Are you looking for an alternative to options in Vancouver, Kelowna and Penticton at a lower cost?
  • Is your company looking for an Interior BC location for your new or expanding business?
  • Are you concerned with the environmental footprint of your business?
  • Do you want to ensure that your business is located in a well-designed, master-planned and maintained business park?
  • Is quality-of-life a factor for your business location and your employees?
  • Do you want flexibility with the commercial terms of the land lease?
  • Are you looking for better development time lines?
  • Is being near a transportation hub important to you?
  • Would you like the benefit of a location with affordable housing for your employees?

Senkulmen Business Park

With a strong focus on generating business growth, Senkulmen provides ease of access, flexible design guidelines, shovel-ready sites, and less red tape.

  • Senkulmen Business Park is a commercial, institutional and light industrial park located in the South Okanagan.

  • Affordable fully-serviced industrial lots – shovel ready.

  • Modern design guidelines & environmental features.

  • Flexible leasing / Joint venture opportunities.

  • Sustainably designed and maintained park environment.

  • State-of-the-art warehouse and distribution centre.

  • Superb highway linkages to Vancouver, Calgary, Kelowna, and the Interior.

Doing Business with the
Osoyoos Indian Band

The Osoyoos Indian Band (OIB) has an established reputation as visionary community leaders.

Corporate Achievements & Partnerships

The business achievments of the Osoyoos Indian Band are widely recognised and partnerships have been built on values of trust, integrity and equity. Learn More

The Business Advantage

The location on Osoyoos Indian Band land offers the convenience of less red tape throughout the development process, and the support for the growth of business by local governing bodies expedites the time to market. Learn More

Commercial and Industrial Development Opportunities

A carefully planned 135-acre environmentally sustainable industrial park, Senkulmen Business Park was inspired by the spectacular desert character of the South Okanagan.

Commercial & Retail

An ideal situation for establisihing and expanding retail businesses.

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Lease lots available to accommodate a range of industries and warehouse needs.

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Light Industrial

Take your business to the next level of growth in the Senkulmen light industrial park.

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