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Investing in the South Okanagan
Business Opportunities

The Key Advantage of South Osoyoos

South Okanagan Business Opportunities

The business community of the South Okanagan is diverse and thriving; the Senkulmen Business Park is positioned to service a broad range of business by offering land for lease, a newly developed distribution centre, affordable rates and cost per sq. footage including flexible design guidelines to encourage the economic development of the region.

Early Opportunities in Economic Development

There are many business opportunities available in the South Okanagan. The economic development of this area is growing and early commercial investment in this region is secure. The geographic stability, the accessibility, and the availability of services have encouraged many businesses to invest and build in this region, and the forecast is continuous growth.


Oliver, South Okanagan

Senkulmen Business Park is located on 53 hectares in the beautiful South Okanagan community of Oliver, British Columbia Canada, the northern most point of the Great Basin Desert. This central location provides excellent access to the Pacific Northwest with lower land costs than many other areas in BC. It is known as the Wine Capital of Canada and is arguably one of the most desirable communities in British Columbia with its mild climate and scenic landscape surrounded by some of Canada’s best wineries, lakes, golf courses, and resort properties

Senkulmen Business Park is:

  • 28 km (25 minutes) south of the City of Penticton and 7 km north of Oliver on Highway 97.

  • 30 km north of the USA border crossing at Osoyoos.

  • Only 108 km south of Kelowna International Airport.

  • 20 minutes away from Regional Penticton Airport with service from Air Canada, WestJet and charter airlines.

  • The lowest cost area to do manufacturing in Pacific Northwest (KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives).

  • Served directly north and south by Highway 97 with east/west access via Highway 3.

  • Close to available and affordable housing.