The Business Advantage

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The Senkulmen
Business Park Advantage

A diverse range of industries find the location of the industrial park is advantageous to business by providing a supportive infrastructure and competitive edge.

The proximity to the US border and major highways that lead to Vancouver, Calgary, Kelowna, and the Interior, provides ease of access and shipping.

The location on Osoyoos Indian Band land offers the convenience of less red tape throughout the development process, and the support for the growth of business by local governing bodies expedites the time to market.



  • Supportive distribution infrastructure.

  • Flexible commercial terms of the land lease.

  • Shovel ready lots.

  • Variable lots ( 1-20 acres) to suit your industrial needs.

Location and Transportation:

  • 28 kms to Penticton regional airport.

  • 30 kms to US border.

  • 108 kms to Kelowna airport.

  • North/south access by Highway 97.

  • East/west access via Highway 3.

  • Private plane access to Oliver and Osoyoos.

Cost Savings:

  • Lower establishing and running costs than major Canadian and US locations.

  • Lowest electric utility costs in North America.

  • Competitive property tax rates.

  • Low labour costs.

  • The lowest cost area to do manufacturing in Pacific Northwest (KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives).


  • A highly productive and stable local workforce.

  • Affordable and available accommodation.

  • Access to highly skilled labor.


Park Environment:

  • A well-designed, master planned and maintained park.

  • Excellent recreation amenities in nearby region.

  • Ecological habitat and wildlife corridor.

  • On-site state of the art sewage treatment plant.

  • Main access road / pedestrian and multi-use bicycle path / trail system.

  • Xeriscape landscaping.

Speed to Market:

  • Flexible industrial zoning.

  • Supportive local authorities.

  • On-site state-of-the-art distribution centre.

Osoyoos Indian Band Partners