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Investing in the South Okanagan
Economic Development in the Okanagan

The economic development in Osoyoos and the Okanagan is growing exponentially. The current economic environment offers an established multifaceted, year-round economy for tourists, entrepreneurs, investors and residents.

The neighbouring technology and film industries indicate a growth in population and skilled employees.

In Osoyoos, the economic development is diverse and offers many advantages to new and established business including a resident labour pool, low overhead, a strategic location, and exceptional highway access. The local government and the Osoyoos Indian Band provide support to facilitate the growth of employment and revenue in the region.


The Senkulmen Business Park has been developed specifically to accommodate this growth. The 135-acre park provides commercial space for rent, warehouse rental, a state-of-the art winery distribution centre, and shovel ready, fully-serviced sites.

The local economy is thriving with an increase of labor and investment by government and private industry in the region. The tourism sector alone has generated revenue of 350,000 visitors and an estimated $59 million annually in direct visitor expenditures. The region has seen a significant increase in the growth of various new sectors including technology, health, biotech, film & animation.

The local industry includes:

Recreation and Resorts

The spectacular climate and scenic environment have placed Osoyoos as a four season, growing destination for recreational activities and vacations. The many golf courses and clubs, spas, resort developments, recreational condominiums, cottages and cabins, add value to the positive business climate and provide more opportunities for market and product development.

Agri-Tourism & Wine

BC is fast becoming known as a leading wine producing region and Osoyoos is at the heart of the wine industry. With over 200 wineries in the Okanagan, the Senkulmen Business Park Distribution Centre is uniquely positioned to serve the local wine industry with a multi-winery warehouse facility.


A Local and Regional Retail Sector

The significant numbers of visitors and growing population of high-income residents has increased the revenue of the retail industry exponentially. The population of the Okanagan region is forecast to double within the next 20 years.

Value Added Wood Industry

This growing industry in the Osoyoos region manufactured products, pre-fabricated housing, millwork, furniture, cabinetry, and pallets. The expanding construction industry ensures a strong forecast for the value-added wood sector.


The aviation manufacturing and service related business is growing due to recent development activity at the Osoyoos airport. The Okanagan Valley has been identified as the site of an innovative and progressive aerospace industry that serves aviation and defensive global markets.

Logistics and Warehousing

The strong distribution infrastructure of the location provides an attractive feature to business, which encourages growth and investment.