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Commercial & Retail

An ideal situation for establisihing and expanding retail businesses

South Okanagan
Retail Lease Opportunity

The location of the Senkulmen Business Park offers an ideal situation for establishing and expanding retail businesses. Situated close to a lakeside resort community, and supported by a vibrant tourism economy, the Osoyoos retail economy has experienced continuous growth through access to a local and visiting high-income demographic.


South Okanagan
Commercial Lease Opportunity

A commercial lease lot provides business owners with the opportunity to build their company in a highly-desirable area on land that is not available to purchase or is unaffordable.

Many large brand retail tenants lease lots on build-to-suit developments. This has the added advantage of lowering upfront equity and freeing start-up funds to establish operations.

In Phase III of the Senkulmen Business Park, Tim Hortons is the first retail tenant to secure a lot, and this keystone company predicates the growth of incoming business.