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Senkulmen Business Park
Warehouse for Lease

Senkulmen Warehouse in Oliver, BC conveys a sustainable exhibit that represents structural ingenuity throughout its entire 10,410 sqft.


Building Structure & Envelope:

  • Tilt wall construction.

  • Insulated wood framed furring walls.

  • ¾” Plywood paneling to 8ft AFF.

  • R30 roof insulation.

  • Wood roof structure.


Building Features:

  • Two 10 ton water to air district geothermal heat pumps.

  • 400A 3Ph electrical service fed to a single panel.

  • T5 Highbay light fixtures with beyond 80% lumen capacity over 60,000 operating hours.

  • Two washrooms with baseboard heating.

  • Modern security system.

  • Loading dock including dock leveler.

  • Two 9’ by 10’ overhead doors.

  • Ample parking.

  • Future expansion is possible.

Phase III Map

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Phase 3 Final - Warehouse for Lease