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Senkulmen Business Park
The Advantage

The Okanagan is a high-demand location with many industries

The Okanagan is a high-demand location with many industries choosing to relocate or start up a new venture in this area. From wineries and agriculture to the technology sector and the film industry, the secure geographical environment, access to major highways, comparatively low lease costs, and growth potential have positioned the Okanagan as a high profile economic development area.

At Senkulmen, we create a positive work environment for all businesses, and we strive to maintain a balance between the environment and a progressive business community.

The Industrial Park Advantage

  • 135 acres (53 ha): land leases with annual payments or prepaid lease possibilities.

  • Land cost: cost effective compared to other regions within BC

  • Leasing: competitive annual leases on a minimum ten year term.

  • Land uses: light industry, institutional (education, health care facilities, etc.) and commercial.
  • Property taxes: significantly less than many areas in British Columbia and comparable to local municipal rates.

  • Water: high capacity underground aquifer providing high quality potable water.

  • Fire protection: Industrial Standard fire protection provided by Town of Oliver.

  • Sanitary system: Class “A” rating treatment plant which meets the highest standards for sanitary treatment.

  • Electricity: served by FortisBC with 3 Phase 600 volts service to lot line.

  • Natural gas: provided by FortisBC.

  • Geothermal: Available.

  • Communications: includes ADSL and fibre optics.

  • Design guidelines: Flexible for your business.

The Price Advantage

  • Competitive lease rates comparing to Kelowna and Lower Mainland (by appraisal).

  • Long term leases, prepayment options are available with competitive lease rates (by appraisal).

  • Affordable taxes, water and sewer connection and user fees based on local municipal rates.
  • Electricity 600 volt three phase (metered by FortisBC).
  • Telephone and data fibre optics available by Telus Communications.
  • Gas metered by FortisBC.
  • Electricity 600 volt three phase (metered by Fortis) Telephone and data bre optics available by Telus Communications.
  • Gas metered by Fortis Geothermal rates per square foot per year are to be determined based on usage requirements.
  • Geothermal rates per square foot per year are to be determined based on usage requirements.
  • Pre-paid lease term options available.

Shovel Ready Sites

Our shovel ready sites ensure that the bulk of the time consuming, technical and regulatory requirements are complete. Regulatory requirements can be a costly process to certify; we work with proponents to expedite all planning, surveys, environmental and archaeological studies to speed time to production giving your business the competitive edge.

Approval Process – Less Red Tape

We are uniquely positioned to help potential tenants work through the minimal approval process quickly and confidently. Our tenants have the advantage of a more streamlined approval process that is easier to navigate and finalize, and with no public hearings necessary on zoning or permits, there is less risk and uncertainty in the development/application process.

Shipping, Transportation & Proximity

The highly efficient access to the main corridors of highway 97 and 3 provides the Senkulmen Business Park location ease of transportation to the north and south.

Situated close to the US border, the industrial park is the natural choice for a developing economic hub to serve the south Okanagan, BC, and beyond.

Just a four-hour drive to Vancouver, with neighboring airports in Penticton and Kelowna, and private plane access available at the Oliver and Osoyoos airports, this region is strategically placed to accommodate business needs, including shipping and transportation.


Osoyoos Indian Band

The Osoyoos Indian Band has built a reputation as a progressive Band that strives to strike a balance between developing the economy of the region, and the prospects of the people, while maintaining the ecological balance of the land. The Band has a rich history of trading, ranching and farming and this entrepreneurial spirit lives on today.

The Band consistently builds and contributes to the economic development of the region, bolstering employment, business initiatives, and opportunities for future generations.

The translation of Senkulmen is ‘A Place to Work and Create’.

It is envisioned that the Senkulmen Business Park located in Oliver, BC will become an innovative model in industrial development for First Nations and all communities. The mission is to create an economical and environmentally sustainable business and industrial park with an emphasis on three fundamental objectives:

  1. Economic Advantages
    Ensure the development is viable and produces economic benefits to the community.
  2. Social Responsibility and Cultural Expression
    Recognize local identity, and listen to community desires and values.
  3. Green Infrastructure
    Encourage resource conservation, energy efficiency, recycling, and innovative use of water, materials, waste, and by-products.